Final Project log

Hour 1: Looking for Topics   Hour 2: Think I finally have an idea. Hour 3: Start looking into PTSD what it is. Hour 4: What are some Causes and how can I create a depiction Hour 5: Need to find out signs and symptoms that those suffering from PTSD show so that I can create a scene that may express it   Hour 6: Finished writing a research paper on the causes and symptoms of PTSD. Just need to find ways to depict it now. Hour 7: Came up with a list of ways to depict PTSD including causes, signs, and results.     Hour 8: After Presenting on PTSD for another class I found that not everyone has a full understanding, or people have different expectations of what it is and the severity. So I started making a chart that shows some examples and standards to go by.     Hour 9: Spent the rest of the day finishing off the chart explaining the disorder for a short presentation before my project.   Hour 10: Started...

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